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The Devotions


Each devotions has 3 elements to help the families spend time discussing God's Word: Read, Review, and Reflect. 

Read - In this section the Bible reference is given. The family will take a moment to read the verses.

Review - In this section a short devotion is provided. The review will point out important aspects of the Scripture.


Reflect - Short questions are provided allowing the family to discuss what they have read and talked about. Answers are also provided here to help the parents if they are needed. This is also the perfect place for the family to pray together.


Pieces of the Promise - Birth of Christ is now available in Spanish. If you would be interested in having Pieces of the Promise available in other languages, please let us know.

There a three puzzles to choose from:


* Pieces of the Promise—Birth of Christ (Available)

* Pieces of the Promise—Armor of God (Available)

* Pieces of the Promise—He is Risen (Available)

Each devotion is intended to be under five minutes long. This allows the family to not only discuss the topic of the night, but also get into the illustrations of the story through putting the puzzle together. 

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